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Engaging high-value accounts by conveying
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  • One-to-Few Account-Based Marketing
  • Creative Development

Trimble had a tight target of 30 Departments of Transportation (DOTs) to sell in its SX10 surveying solution—a new, remote-enabled technology that allows surveyors to stay off dangerous highways and eliminates the need to shut down lanes. Surveyors and engineers had to be educated that SX10 actually contained innovation—innovation that could increase efficiency and safety for drivers, and save the lives of surveyors. Distributors, key to the program’s success, had to be educated on the ins and outs of Account-Based Marketing.


Surveying technology already has enough bells and whistles.


This technology is literally life-saving.


The real game-changer isn’t about any one product feature—it’s about improving the safety of the crew.

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With a small number of agencies we were targeting, it was critical to:

Cut through the noise with deep content

We developed high-value offers for different audiences: case studies spotlighting other DOTs using the new product line; a 5-day product trial offered only to Tier A accounts (those already using other Trimble products); a webinar for Tier Bs (which garnered 317 registrants); and an Account-Based Marketing playbook for distributors. Targeted media placements with progressive messages were used to gain repeat views and encourage engagement.


Using deep research on each of the accounts, a look-alike case study from existing DOTs was identified and used for each target account.


The SX10 is an innovation in a field of sameness. This had to be reflected in the Single Most Important Message (“Only the Trimble SX10 empowers you with the freedom and capabilities to make our world a safer place”) and creative (brilliant colors, words woven into imagery, and a strong product hero shot).

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out of 30 targeted DOTs engaged with the campaign and were referred to distributors


out of 30 targeted DOTs signed up for product trials

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