Case Study

Paladina Health

Seasonal Enrollment

Expanding from healthcare to wellness


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Lead Generation
  • Targeted Digital Media
  • Creative Development
Paladina Health

Paladina Health is devoted to reducing healthcare costs and improving employee health and wellness. Its solution? Employer-sponsored direct primary care offered as an add-on to existing health benefits. With winter fast approaching, the Paladina Health team was looking to boost member enrollment by tapping into seasonal attitudes and New Years’ “resolutions” regarding health and preventive care.


Eligible employees weren’t aware of or didn’t understand employer-sponsored health insurance.


Paladina Health is a one-of-a-kind healthcare provider that uses consumers’ personal health goals to drive the direction of their care.


Build a communications plan centered on audience goals rather than provider services.

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Lead generation programs were uncharted territory for the Paladina Health team, and time was of the essence. So, they turned to 90octane to build an end-to-end strategy to amplify awareness and engagement, connect with potential new members and guide them toward scheduling appointments with Paladina Health providers.

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Getting Close and Personal in a Big Way

Accessible, affordable, quality healthcare is a win—no matter who you ask. So we ditched traditional targeting tactics to focus simply on eligible adults. Easy, right? Not quite. The diverse audience meant we couldn’t lean on demographics to infer health preferences. Instead, we dug into focus group research to find that personalized, goal-oriented care was top-of-mind across our audience.

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Next, we created a collection of free, personalized wellness content that put these priorities front and center. To house it all, we built a landing page complete with a high-value offer to fuel lead generation: a tool that allowed consumers to enter their personal health goals and recommended paid health apps that could help to achieve them. Anyone who used the tool instantly received an app store gift card to download the suggested app. This was followed by an email series encouraging them to use their new app and ultimately book a custom consultation with a Paladina Health provider to discuss the data it gathered. And to really bring it home, we planned fun on-site events with free massages, wellness activities and tips from doctors and dieticians to engage the audience even more.
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A Successful Season of Wellness

This campaign built Paladina Health up as a trusted, one-of-a-kind healthcare partner. Once campaign metrics started to roll in, the value of that trust became clear:


of landing page visitors who used the online tool enrolled with Paladina Health.


The average landing page visit time, illustrating high engagement.


increase in click-through rates on digital advertisements following the first event.


participation rate for the first event.

It goes to show—learning to speak a consumer’s language is just the first step. You also need to use what you hear to create personal value.

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