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Monograms Your Way

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Award-winning travel company Globus family of brands wasn’t seeing the sales lift they wanted across their recently released Monograms travel packages. So they did some research and discovered guests were looking for something they hadn’t expected: flexible travel.


Booking travel through a provider like Globus means it’ll be pre-packaged, and not tailored to my preferences.


Globus offers highly-tailored travel through its Monograms brand.


Monograms YourWay puts you in control of your adventure, but without all of the headache and hassle of a self-planned trip.

Armed with this epiphany, the Globus team devised a novel test product called Monograms YourWay that enabled adventurous travelers to tailor packages to their liking with adjustable nights in select European cities. But to prove the new product line was viable, a large sales goal would have to be hit within six months. And the clock was ticking.

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Frame It with Value

We put our heads together. And after more than a few conversations, we came up with a plan that leveraged media, creative, and consumer and industry insights. Because we’ve been working in the travel industry for over 17 years, we know luxury travelers aren’t always brand loyal. Purchase decisions often come down to one thing: value. So we partnered with the Globus family of brands in-house creative team to help them develop dynamic ads that put cost savings front and center.

Then, with a media strategy built on heavy retargeting and lookalike audience modelling, we spread the word. Because we knew what locations shoppers were interested in, we were able to deliver hyper relevant messaging to move visitors through the funnel toward conversion. As the leads came in we kept our eye on optimization, making adjustments based on behavioral targeting, to capture powerhouse engagement.

Decrease in cost per lead

As we had hoped, guests took to the phones and the Monograms website. Despite a decrease in overall budget, we were able to help Monograms increase leads by over 50% and capture 80% more bookings for their new product – all in a compressed timeframe of just four months.


No vacancy


Increase in bookings

Ultimately, leads were up every month of the campaign (YoY), while Globus family of brands’ cost per lead decreased by 40% (YoY). With the flexible Monograms product undeniably vetted, Globus family of brands was empowered to connect with an untapped market of more exploratory travelers. It really opened up their world.
"Rolling up our sleeves and brainstorming with 90octane to come up with a focused strategy was how we accomplished so much. The team did a great job making sure all tactics and goals were mapped back to the ultimate initiative.”
— Jeff Russell | Director of Marketing

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