Case Study

Boeing Global Services

Jeppesen Aviator

Launching a New Solution to Bring Efficiency to the Flight Deck


  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Demand Generation
  • Lead Generation
  • Creative Development
  • Sales Enablement
  • Media Planning
  • Analytics Consulting
Driving Demand for a New Release

For airlines, embracing new technology represents both a big opportunity and an enormous undertaking. One such technology is electronic flight bag (EFB) applications, which help flight crews manage information and perform flight management tasks more efficiently and with less paper. Upon release of the new version of its EFB solution—Aviator—Jeppesen, a Boeing company, sought to increase pipeline velocity and drive sales to existing customers in the commercial aviation (CA) market.

Given the potential value at stake, 90octane recommended a hybrid Account-Based Marketing/ Market-Focus program. For high-value accounts, in-depth research would drive 1:1 targeting and messaging. For all others, we created a content framework intended to:

Create Demand

Grow awareness for Aviator amongst a broad account pool to identify interested prospects.

Nurture and Qualify Leads

Respond to the initial needs and questions of prospects to nurture relationships.

Support Sales

Provide experiences that keep Aviator top-of-mind and tools for sales to close deals.

Promote Advocacy

Support a cycle of continued advocacy to turn customers into ambassadors.

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Content Designed to Build Trust

This campaign was built upon a variety of custom assets designed to build trust with prospects throughout the buyer’s journey. And people decide who and what to trust on a few critical criteria – competence, reliability, integrity and empathy. We use these qualities to build our programs, and the Aviator program keyed on a few in particular.


Leveraging a mix of targeted paid/owned/earned media, we positioned Boeing as an expert in aviation technology.

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We developed educational content and assets to support product value proposition.

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We provided support materials to educate both influencers and decision makers on the value of Aviator to their airline with a focus on objection handling, the goal being to remove the risk of taking action.

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We used responses from one of the assets, an efficiency assessment, to determine which communications were relevant for subsequent touches. Depending on the level of digital sophistication a prospect indicated, they were either moved toward the bottom of the funnel and received solution-specific assets or directed to more top-of-the-funnel, thought leadership-oriented assets.

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Tightly Targeted Media

To spread the word, we developed a complex media plan targeting EFB stakeholders. This included mapping out how to synchronize interactions and channel activity to best engage and nurture prospects before handing them off to sales as marketing-qualified leads (MQLs).

The Results: 2X Goal

Blending made-to-measure sensibility with scalable utility, the campaign’s hyper-targeted approach paid off in spades, we doubled the goal for pipeline accounts (marketing qualified leads) and provided a template for future Jeppesen programs.

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