This month we celebrated and honored the women at 90 who not only do so much for us, but for their friends and families too. Take a look at the notes of gratitude that have been shared throughout the month.

Thank you Lindsay, for being a manager I can count on to not only keep me accountable and growing in my role, but also as someone who always takes the time to check in personally on how I’m doing – that extra question always means so much.

Erin S.—You are always available and eager to answer my (sometimes silly) questions and make me feel included! You made starting a new job a lot less intimidating and I really appreciate you for it. Plus: Cute dog.

Krista! She is the most positive and supportive person. I feel so so lucky to work with her. She is an amazing co-worker and friend.

Kellie Fellie! How the heck you do everything you do and at such a high level amazes me. You are a smartypants who keeps positive and makes me look smarter 🙂

Taylor is just a great friend and confidant who is always there to lend an ear or help out! Yay Taylor!

It was insanely hard for me to pick just one woman to thank. I think the one who has made the single biggest difference in my work life is Erin Smith – seeing her blossom into taking the storytelling lead (and really the creative lead) on Oracle has been awesome. She continually brings her best attitude and solutions-minded thinking to any size of the project and is always willing to change things for the better.

I wanted to say thank you to Kelsey (even if it’s been awhile since we’ve worked together!). When I started at 90octane, you made a difference in my first few weeks with your welcoming and positive attitude. Your teams and clients are lucky to have your leadership.

Becky was a huge help in sorting out all the maternity prep paperwork– and so supportive and excited for me!

I really appreciate Kellie’s friendship and our catch up chats that are a mix of work & fun (but mostly laughing!).

I appreciate Caitlin bringing her whole self to work– I love to chat about spin classes & it encourages me to fit in a quick workout during the day!

SO much gratitude to Kellie Fellie! For sharing her knowledge and brainpower and also taking the time to chat with me about our personal lives, I enjoy working with you!!

Kari – thank you for all you do. Your passion, energy, drive and intelligence make for a better workplace. You are someone I can always count on to drive great work and develop trusted client relationships

Jillian – thank you for all you do to make our work better. You have carved a new discipline within 90 that has change the work output for the better. Thanks for your drive, intelligence and positive attitude

Sarah: We don’t get to work together much anymore, but your guidance and overall “How can we make it cooler?” attitude toward creative work has made a BIG impact on me as a storyteller. Thank you for your patient direction in my early days at 90, your decisive leadership in the years since, and your ability to always pull out the fun in what we do. I sincerely appreciate you.

Kellie – Your relentless positivity and work ethic are something I greatly admire and look up to. Thank you for always being such a strong & supportive leader for everyone at 90.

Sarah – thank you for owning and driving experience design! it’s come a long way in a short amount of time, and I’m excited to see where you take it! 

Becky, thank you for all the blood/sweat/tears that you put into the financial strength of 90, we would be lost w/out you!

Caitlin – thank you for taking a leap of faith & joining out ream during a time when the world felt upside down! We’re lucky to have you!

Elyse – Thank you for being a driving force on Oracle – it’s incredible how the great work you and the team are doing on that account always turns into more opportunity! Keep up the great work – thank you!

Erin E – Thank you for being SO F-ING SMART and always bringing your A-Game to Boeing!  We/they are lucky to have you as a driving force on that account!

Erin S – Over the last couple years you’ve grown leaps & bounds… you are an incredibly talented storyteller & we are lucky to have found someone who learns/grows as quickly as you do! Keep it up!!

Gosia – Thank you for being an absolute PPC badass, always taking initiative, and constantly playing at a level 10 (BD audits, client campaigns, RFPs, etc.)! We’re lucky to have you on our team!

Jillian – Thank you for paving the way for what research will look like for 90 down the road, you are making an incredible impact on what our offerings are evolving to – and doing it with a constant smile on your face!!!

Kari – There isn’t enough space on this online form to tell you all the things I’m grateful for in working with you. You’re brilliant, driven, creative, and someone I really love working with! I’m not crying… you’re crying.

Karina – I don’t know how you do it… the thinking & creativity you bring to clients like GFOB makes 90 shine! Thank you!!!

Kaurie – I’m grateful for for all you do to keep the 90 name front & center… as we all know, it’s not an easy task!

Fellie – You are an absolute badass, which I am constantly grateful for! From your leadership, to your strategic thinking, your amazing work ethic, and can-do approach/attitude, it’s great working with such a powerhouse!

Kelly – Every day, for the last decade, I’ve been grateful that you’ve been such an integral, driving force at 90! This agency would not be in the great position it’s in today without your hard work, drive, commitment, and big-picture thinking! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Kelsey – To say I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with you is quite the understatement. I admire your drive, how approachable you are (both with clients & teams), your level-headed approach, and sense of humor! Thank you for being such an amazing part of the 90 team!

Krista – I appreciate your drive, enthusiasm, and amazing work ethic… not to mention how impressed I always am with how you get team shout-outs almost every Thirsty Thursday! I’d be willing to bet that you have the most “Give A Damn” submissions out of anyone 🙂  We’re lucky to have you on our team!

Kristina – I really appreciate all the hats you wear at 90 (especially the 90 marketing hat that I know takes a lot of your time). Thanks for always bringing your A-game… to everything you do!

Lindsay – I still remember meeting you for the first time down at Ink! & walking away from that coffee thinking… “Damn she’s smart, I REALLY hope she decides to join our team!” Good news for us that you did… you make 90 a better/smarter agency, daily!

Melaina – It was NOT easy putting all the pieces together for you to join our team… I remember after your initial interview with Jane, she said “90 would be a better place if you could hire Melaina.” So we pushed, and fought, and pushed some more… and we finally won! I agree w/Jane – 90 is a better place with you here!

Christie – thank you for helping 90 to function! I think it’s easy for some of us to forget how important accounting is to an agency but truly, you keep us afloat so thank you!!

Piper – I’m grateful that you are the kind of person who can not only be successful onboarding at 90octane during a global pandemic – but also be the kind of person who can thrive in this environment! Keep up the great work!

Taylor – It’s an honor and a privilege to be your Executive Sponsor 🙂  Seriously, I wanted to thank you for all the hard work and great thinking you put to Forcepoint & Boeing! It’s really impressive to see, how in such a short period of time, clients no longer see you as an account person, but as their strategic partner (for obvious reasons)! Keep up the awesome work!!!

Sarah – I’ve always known that you are smart, but I remember the meeting where your brilliance absolutely blew me away. We were in Fortress & you were walking a few of us through a creative strategy deck you created for Paladina Health. Not sure if I can thank you for being smart… but, THANK YOU FOR BEING SO DAMN SMART!

Kari – you are not only a QUEEN in your career but you are a great and true friend! I’m so grateful that we have grown not only in all the work we’ve done together these last few years but also as friends. I absolutely admire your ability to understand the granularity of each client’s business and teams that we work with in addition to every single piece of work we do in their programs. Your energy & passion motivates me and so many others on our team to bring our best to everything we do.

“Your relentless positivity and work ethic are something I greatly admire and look up to. Thank you for always being such a strong & supportive leader for everyone at 90.”