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Those Who Seek More Are Found Here

Creating a new niche for an established development


  • Brand Development
  • Content Strategy and Development
  • User Experience Design
  • Lead Generation Campaign
  • Sales Integration
  • Website Design and Build
  • Video Production
  • Interactive Map Build
  • Media Planning
  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • Content Syndication

Querencia is a luxury residential development in Cabo that, for nearly 20 years, was known in the market simply as a golf club for wealthy retirees. The problem? The market was wholly unaware of countless unique features—large lots, sweeping ocean views, and elevated properties built into the mountainside. But Querencia is building more than just homes. They are building a community—a lifestyle rooted in a sense of adventure, and Querencia tapped 90octane to help tell that story.


Querencia has always been known for its award-winning golf, with the course consistently being named as one of the best in the world by the likes of Golfweek and Golf Digest. But the Querencia team wanted to put the property on the map and position it as more than a golf retreat. They wanted to pivot to focus on families, and to shift the public perception of Querencia to a thriving and exciting oasis on the Sea of Cortez.


A narrow focus on golf and a quiet market presence.


A re-invigorated, family-friendly luxury resort experience.


The community—both within the property and its connection to the local culture—are what make living in Querencia different than other luxury residential neighborhood.

Branding guideline spreads

An on-location discovery session made it clear that Querencia is more than a destination. It’s a community. A lifestyle. A home for people seeking the true experience of living in Mexico, beyond the bounds of a luxury resort. Still, without a strong identity, Querencia was lagging behind nearby competitors who promised this dynamic resort lifestyle.

Determined to overcome Querencia’s narrow image, the new owners invested heavily in the property to reinvent it as a family retreat offering beach activities, hiking, mountain biking, dining, fitness and more—all while preserving the lifestyle legacy residents fiercely loved.

The Querencia team engaged 90octane for a complete rebrand and website redesign to give Querencia a unique voice in the saturated market. The ultimate goal? Querencia needed to capture attention from the right kinds of luxury homebuyers with a targeted lead generation program fueled by the new brand.

Working together with the Querencia team, we established a brand voice to embody the property’s signature characteristics, speaking to buyers with both the means and the mindset to be at home there, wrapped in the tagline “Those Who Seek More Are Found Here.”

This was coupled with an engrossing visual identity to put a face to the feeling of Querencia: a color palette inspired by the Baja landscape, a photography style focused on connectedness and experience, finished with a fresh spin on the classic logo.

Website on a computer
Launch Strategy

With the foundation of the new brand in place, we built a website to broaden the image of Querencia beyond that of a golf resort. While initial website development was underway, we launched a phased media rollout to prime the market for the new brand, generate traffic, and test messaging.

An unwavering commitment to the strategy allowed us to execute a brand that shines in contrast to competitors who rely on style over substance, captured in a brand book that empowers the Querencia team to extend the brand across any consumer touchpoint. Plus, our phased rollout allowed us to gather insights into audience demographics, location, interests, and behavior so we could refine our strategy along the way.

Six months after our initial launch, we clocked the results of our efforts at:


in new site users


in direct traffic from new users


in organic search volume


leads, 76% of which were qualified

The new brand even caught the eye of the creative community, honored with a Gold Key for B2C Branding at the 2019 Fourteener Awards.
Image of swimmer and home entrance
Website Optimizations

Following our initial launch, we continued to make optimizations and improvements on the Querencia website. In Q2 and Q3 of 2021, we rolled out major site changes. This overhaul nearly doubled the size of the existing website. After assessing audience behavior, we built out new pages with optimized content to improve user experience and suit the needs of our site visitors. The relaunch of the website also included refreshed copy throughout, and a custom hotspot-focused interactive property map. These updates catalyzed an immediate boost to Querencia's website stats, and after just two weeks we saw:

  • 23% increase in site sessions
  • 3% decrease in overall bounce rate
  • 532 visits to the new property map
Image of paddle boarder and interactive map
Interactive Map

To help engage prospective leads further, we designed a fully responsive property map to serve as a pre-explorer tool for prospects on Querencia’s website. The map is currently also projected on a large screen at Querencia’s on-property sales office to aid in conversations with prospective buyers, and accessible throughout the property. By using it, Querencia members and their guests can seamlessly navigate each neighborhood and community feature.

See the map >
"The interactive map has been one of our team's favorite tools. Virtually, it allows our property to come to life—users can browse all of our family-friendly amenities, or see the layout of our Premier neighborhoods. On-site, we're able to give prospective buyers a bird's eye view of the land, the sea, and all of the wonderful features at Querencia.”

— Jorge Carrera
Partner, CEO at Querencia


To provide further education on the Querencia way of life—and to create a new messaging gateway for our brand redesign—we created a series of social videos that effectively and succinctly highlighted some of the best amenities Querencia has to offer.

This new video series mirrored the look and feel of the website, while providing a snackable Querencia highlight real to pique users’ interest—and ultimately, entice them to complete a form fill to get more information on the property.

image of emails and surfers

As Querencia’s new brand gained traction, media strategy had to shift to leverage placements and publications where new audiences could be found, and existing audiences could continue to engage with Querencia’s content.

One of the key goals in the media strategy revamp was to achieve stronger performance on lead form completion—driving the number of leads up while keeping the cost per lead down.

In the first six months of our revamped media strategy, we drove 760 qualified leads through 12 placements including emails, newsletters, print ads.

Overall, we saw a 53% increase in completed form fills, far exceeding our original target.

In addition, paid search efforts garnered over 8.3 million impressions.

And these leads were not just any leads—they were a direct result of our targeting of high-end, luxury lifestyle publications such as GolfNow, Luxury Link, Robb Report, and Jetset Magazine.

“Querencia appears to be a great community and in line with our second home and/or retirement plans. We booked a trip to Los Cabos—[we] would appreciate an invitation to visit the community and learn more about real estate options, as well as golf, spa etc.”
— Qualified Lead Inquiry

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