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Care for You

A message of mutual 1:1: care for Oracle ERP and CVS Health


  • Research & Messaging
  • ABM Campaign Strategy
  • Creative Concepting & Execution
Client challenge

Between providers, locations, and online/offline engagement points, the consumer healthcare experience has grown increasingly complex—something healthcare providers like CVS Health must compete to address.

Oracle had been working to win CVS Health as a client for its enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution suite. New leadership at CVS Health created a timely opportunity to reconnect, so Oracle engaged the 90octane team to help reignite the positive marketing/sales conversation.

The challenge was that CVS Health was already using an ERP solution. To convince them to switch, Oracle needed to demonstrate above-and-beyond value and provide a 1:1 personal experience.

Audience research & insights

Our primary audience for this campaign was CVS Health C-suite executives, many of whom were new to the team and eager to make a positive impact. Our secondary focus was on the company’s Finance, IT, and Procurement Line-of-Business—roles that would be responsible for integrating and managing resources associated with a new ERP system.

To ensure that our campaign could build on the conversations Oracle was already having with CVS Health, we connected with the Oracle sales team early on to gather their firsthand insights. Through a combination of sales team perspectives and healthcare industry audience research, we learned that, while Oracle’s features and benefits were unmatched, it was the sales team’s personal relationships that put them in a position to win the account. We also uncovered the key challenge that Oracle ERP could solve for CVS Health:

The healthcare experience is fragmented. Changing customer expectations and rapid industry shifts mean that CVS Health's status quo was no longer serving their customers’ needs fully.

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Strategy & creative development

Understanding the value personal relationships had already brought to the process, we set out to create an ABM campaign that would position those relationships as Oracle’s differentiator while aligning key product features with CVS Health’s top-of-mind challenge.

The campaign put the customer experience front and center: CVS Health delivers personalized care to millions across its nationwide locations and mobile application—and they make it look easy. But as ERP providers, Oracle understands that the back-office operations that support that care are anything but simple. To bring this to life, we created a message direct from members of Oracle ERP’s sales team to CVS Health: “As consumers ourselves, you’ve cared for all of us. Now, we’d love to help care for you.”

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To personalize the campaign and underscore the relationship angle, we organized local photoshoots to capture Oracle's key account leaders, each pictured with the CVS Health heart logo. To further emphasize the human connection, each leader also provided a personal note describing the role CVS Health plays in their day-to-day lives, driving home a message of mutual 1:1 care between CVS Health and Oracle ERP.

Campaign imagery combining the photographs and notes has been incorporated into customized content and paid media. And, to ensure the personalized experience continued throughout the customer journey, we built a dynamic campaign landing page that could provide a targeted experience to different audience groups, with embedded functionality that allowed visitors to chat directly with their Oracle sales lead.

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