Recently, late one night, I did something I feel really awful about. I broke a hand-painted tile my daughter made and gave to us as a Christmas present. 

My daughter was already asleep, so I didn’t wake her up to tell her. While my husband suggested I not tell her at all, and only share if she asked about the tile’s absence from the mantel, I didn’t feel good about that approach. So, I settled on a middle ground of sorts—instead of telling her the next morning and risk setting her day at camp off on the wrong foot, I waited until she got home that evening. 

She was upset, just as I expected. But she also asked, “Why didn’t you tell me right away?” 

The point is, it’s hard to build trust without transparency. 

Thanks to the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, Colorado employers are now required to be transparent about salary information in job postings.  

Organizations based in Colorado have no choice other than to comply. But as those based elsewhere are opening their hiring to remote workers across the country, some are excluding Colorado residents. The reason? They’d prefer to keep their pay ranges under wraps.  

As an agency, we at 90octane are focused on helping companies deepen trust with their customers. The thing about trust, though, is that you have to think about it holistically. One company’s employees are another company’s customers. You can’t try to earn trust with one group while neglecting another. Your credibility will be shot.  

When I think about the alignment between Colorado’s new law and the mission of our agency, I don’t think it’s a coincidence. More than half of Colorado residents—58 percent—were born out of state. Look, to me—as an Illinois native—the draws are obvious: temperate weather, gorgeous landscapes, vibrant cities.  

But it’s also the people. Picking up and moving to a new place requires a certain open-mindedness. And when you’re a native surrounded by transplants, you kind of have to be receptive to new cultures, thoughts and perspectives—at least if you want to operate effectively. Maybe you’ve heard about the Seattle Freeze, this notion that people in Seattle are unwelcoming towards new residents. I’d describe what’s going on here as the Denver Warmth—in my experience, even born-and-raised Coloradans are open and eager to form new friendships. 

All of this goes hand in hand with trust. 90octane reflects the uniquely trusting ethos of our environment. We’re the product of a place that, by virtue of the pay transparency requirement, legally mandates companies to build trust with key audiences.  

Let’s talk about how we can help you build it with some of yours. 

“Thanks to the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act, Colorado employers are now required to be transparent about salary information in job postings. ”